Natural Hair

Maintaining Moisture on Your Tresses

This process is a lot less daunting once you clearly understand the relationship between your hair with water and its drying cycle.

Tip # 1:  Adding oils or butters to your deep conditioner can make a huge difference in the outcome. Apply a tablespoon of any natural oil like Olive (for strength), Coconut (for strength), my personal favorite Castor (for strength/softness) or Almond (for softness). You can also add glycerin or honey if you require extra moisture.

Tip # 2:  One of the BEST ways to keep natural hair moisturized and healthy is to apply heat to your deep conditioner. Yes! That’s right it’s critical that you deep condition with steam in order to achieve the most out of the process.

Tip # 3:  After deep conditioning it’s important  that you use the L.O.C (liquid oil cream) method to moisturize your hair strands. This process works basically as it reads. You Apply a moisturizing water-based leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair. Then you follow this with the application of a thin layer of oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture. Lastly, apply a butter-based, creamy moisturizer (your curling cream) to your hair to seal in that moisture. The simple steps to get your hair all moisturized.

Tip # 4:  The direct application of heat from blow-drying and flat ironing especially on a consistent basis affects the ability of the hair strands to attract and retain moisture. As a result, it is better to opt to air drying the hair naturally or using a hooded dryer.

Do you follow these steps? 

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